I have been living in East Anglia for 14 years and am still fascinated by its moods, colours and seasons, its land, waterways and skies. I use a variety of media, including oils, pastel, watercolour, pencil, acrylic and mixed media to try and convey my impressions of this beautiful part of the world.

During lockdown, I experimented with using oil and cold wax medium and this has resulted in some very different (and larger!) paintings. I also spent time writing my first novel. 'This Fearful Thing' was published in May 2021. My second one, 'The Unnamed' was published in February 2022 and my third was published in April 2023. Full details of my books can be found at https://lmwestwriter.co.uk/

If you are interested in any of my paintings or would like to be notified of upcoming exhibitions, please use the 'Contact' form to get in touch with me, with no obligation.

Thank you for looking!